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Audio Visual Services

Holbrook & Associates, Inc. Now Offers Comprehensive, State of the Art Audio & Video Design & Installation Services

Today's furniture market attendee is accustomed to having high quality audio and video as part of their daily lives. Whether it is in their home media room, in their vehicle or via their ipod, today's consumer of music and video has surrounded themselves with the technology and quality to produce media playback with greater detail and realism than thought possible just a few years ago.

What will be their impression when they enter your showroom space?
Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your current system produce the quality of sound or video reproduction that compliments the integrity of the products that you are displaying?
  • Is the quality or distribution of background music appropriate and pleasing?
  • Does the video detail and realism grab your visitor's attention and entice them to watch?
  • When you page an associate, does the sound irritatingly bark though the phone?
  • Do you wish you could entertain your clients, after hours, in your showroom with quality high impact music and/or video playback to create that "festive" and "Dynamic" event?

Holbrook & Associates, Inc. is pleased to be able to provide the installation of the following audio and video components designed to enhance your showroom space:

  • Floor-Standing or Wall-Mount LCD and Plasma Monitors
  • Full-Range Wall or Ceiling-Mount High Fidelity Speaker Systems
  • AM/FM/Satellite Radio Tuners and Receivers with iPod and Laptop Integration
  • CD & DVD Changers
  • Multi-Zone Audio & Video Distribution Systems for Selectable Playback Within Showroom
  • Stand-Alone Paging or Integration of Phone Paging Into Audio System
  • Wireless Computer Networking
  • Integration of Audio and Video into a Single, Flexible System Controllable Via Remote

We don't use prepackaged systems. We talk to you, analyze your needs, visit the showroom space and then assemble quality components to create an easy to use system that will meet or exceed your performance expectations while delivering years of trouble free operation. And when your needs increase or new technologies arrive, your system will be capable of expansion as needed.

Does it sound too expensive? Well, a system with an AM/FM Stereo Receiver, multi-disc CD changer and high fidelity speakers engineered for a 1,200 square foot showroom, fully and discreetly installed, starts at as little as $995.00.

Replace that boombox or T.V./DVD combo with a system that can augment your marketing and communications, improve aesthetics and make a statement about who you are and convey the image desired. Call Holbrook & Associates at (336) 887-2986 to see how we can help you.